About us

Our Mission

We promote ecotechnological projects for the development of people and their link with technology, transforming it into a tool at the service of the community, which generates awareness and empowers them in the search for creative and sustainable solutions.

Katherine Navarro

Didactics and Image

Phonoaudiologist of the University of Concepción

Gabriel Martinez

Managing Director

Mechanical Engineer of the UdeC, Master in Engineering Sciences, Professor at the University of Concepción and Founder of INWAY

Patricia Fernández

Arauco Provincial Coordinator

Social Worker of the Universidad del Biobío

Rodrigo Riveros

Computer and Resources

Aerospace Engineer from the University of Concepción, founder of the SmartWings company and COP25 Ambassador

Camila Ferrada

Pedagogical Management

Sociologist of the UdeC, Master (c) in Education

Francisco Moraga

Concepción Provincial Coordinator 

Sociologist of the University of Concepción