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Organized by the Equipo Solar Corporation, the festival will be the milestone of sustainable mobility of COP25 in Biobío as prior to the UN Climate Change Summit in Chile. In addition, it will be free and familiar, giving an emphasis to the educational and didactic, since its objective is to promote the linking of education, sustainability and entrepreneurship in Biobío. The activity will have teams of students aged 11 to 17, belonging to different educational establishments from Hualqui, Talcahuano, Coronel, Concepción, Arauco and San Pedro de la Paz.

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Field Reach

During the years of work and thanks to the participation in the Atacama Solar Challenge in 2012, 2014 and 2016; the Patagonia Solar Challenge for Chile and Argentina in 2017 and the Energízate Educational Program that we carry out today in the Biobío Region, in addition to the various dissemination and technological transfer talks in different institutions and events, we have achieved a significant scope.


Networks and Alliances

We are part of the Public-Private Council that forms the Social Observatory of Education and whose mission is “Contribute to the generation of research, knowledge and information for the permanent improvement of public education relevant to territorial and regional development”

Education Innovation Committee

The main objective of this Committee is to form a network of collaboration between the different actors and institutions to work jointly on the ecosystem of local innovation in the education system.

One of our directors, Rodrigo Riveros Salazar, is one of the Ambassadors of the Citizen Leaders for Climate Change in the context of COP25 Chile and represents the Biobío Region in the theme of Sustainable Mobility and Electromobility

We are a project supported by CORFO through its Environment Support Program for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, with which we carry out an intervention in 4 educational establishments in the Biobío Region


"Innovative experience where students showed commitment and responsibility in the actions and objectives developed in the workshop"
Javier Santibánez
After School Manager, Colegio Andrés Bello, Chiguayante
"Believing in myself and knowing that I am able to make changes is what this project has given me. I have also managed to know how to work as a team and to be more responsible"
Constanza Alarcón
Student from Liceo Bicentenario de Coronel
"Being able to participate in the preparation of a vehicle that uses electrical energy in one way or another will change the current way of moving, which can be considered an ambitious goal, but not impossible"
Ángela Pizarro
Student from Liceo Anita Serrano Sepúlveda de Talcahuano